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 Care For Engineering è un'associazione professionale indipendente che svolge attività di consulenza, progettazione e sviluppo sui temi della sostenibilità ambientale e responsabilità sociale utilizzando gli strumenti della multicriteria sustainability assessment, life cycle analysis (LCA), supply chain sustainability e sustainability planning applicati ai settori agrario, agro-alimentare e forestale.

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Ca.Re. For. Engineering (acronym for Carbon Reduction and Forestry Engineering, CFE from now ahead)  is a professionals association started in 2010, by Marco Ugolini (Forest Engineer and Ecologist) and Luca Pedocchi (PhD Chemistry). Both of them have more than 20 years experience in their own operational fields.

CFE’s main activities deal with assessment and certification of biodiesel supply chain sustainability and life cycle assessment with applications to agroforestry systems and understanding of biomass value chain creation.

The association involves highly qualified professionals (environmental engineers, agronomists, chemists) specialized on multicriteria analysis, LCA techniques with applications to agro-engineering issues and sustainability certification.

CFE is one of the major specialized national players in consultancy on environmental sustainability certifications, according to the Dir. 2009/28 / EC modified by Dir EU 2015/1513, and life cycle assessment of the biomass and intermediate products in the production chain of biofuels, with particular reference to biodiesel supply chain.

Since 2012 CFE has supported as consultancy a large number of the economic operators of the Italian market involved  in the biodiesel production.

CFE has a specialized and recognized background on biofuels supply chain sustainability and life cycle inventories and assessment of agroforestry systems. CFE has also proved abilities to design and introduce sustainability oriented guidelines for innovations in the industrial process related to agri-energy and agri-food systems.

CFE’s extensive knowledge and expertise in biofuels supply chain sustainability and life cycle inventories and assessment of agricultural production systems are the basis of its contribution to the ongoing projects.

CFE has been at the forefront of biodiesel production chain sustainability in Italy, accompanying in 2012 the first Italian Company to obtain the certification for the environmental sustainability of the whole supply chain from the agricultural stages of the biomass cultivation to the biodiesel production, within the 2BSvs scheme Standard 1 and 2 .

In 2013 CFE has developed for Cereal Docks SpA an innovative project for the Italian market called "GRANTURCO BIANCO SOSTENIBILE” providing the product specification to assess sustainability of an agricultural product, such as Maize (Zea mays), as feed resource for poultry industry.

The project, assessed by a third party, has interested, in the 2013 campaign, a production area spread over two different Italian regions, Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia, a cultivation surface of 8.608 nectars, involving 971 farms and 87.855 t of white corn.

The specific project "GRANTURCO BIANCO SOSTENIBILE” (White Corn) has evolved in the Green System ® brand of Cereal Docks SpA and has positively influenced the Italian corn trade market.



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